Board & Train Programs


We offer 3 & 4 week intensive board and train programs.This means that YOU send your dog to US for training and we teach all of the important obedience commands and good manners and we also resolve the behaviour problems that you’re having with your dog.We send you daily video clips showing your dogs progression in their training.We provide your dog with plenty of exercise & training , play time & socialization to different environments , we also integrate your dog into our group obedience classes.If you’re interested in the board and train programs that we offer the first step is that you set up an appointment so that we can evaluate your dog at the academy & discuss what it is that you would like us to work on with your dog.After we evaluate your dog & and hear what it is that you want us to work on we can then give you a quote for the training.We can also let you know if the 3 or 4 week program would be best for your dog.YOU won’t be exempt from training your dog because upon completion of the board and train program we then need to train YOU and your DOG together as a TEAM.It’s important that your dog respond to your commands and that you develop a stronger bond with your dog through training.If you have any questions about the board and train programs that we offer or you want to set up an appointment for a Meet & Greet CALL OR TEXT. 289 687 0505.