We offer private lessons in specialized scent detection training for dogs at our academy. We train dogs to detect a variety of different substances and odours. Although every dog has an ability to use their nose to a certain degree there are specific qualities that we are looking for in a dog such as a high energy level , high ball drive or obsession for a toy i.e kong , a dog that is comfortable & confident in different surroundings , has great concentration and good focus , relentless to search for their toy , comfortable with different terrain & the dog should be in great physical condition & have a super sharp nose.This type of training provides great mental stimulation and physical exercise for your dog and most importantly your dog has FUN !! Prerequisite to commencing private scent detection lessons with us is that your dog pass an assessment at the dog academy , we need to do some tests to determine if your dog is cut out for this specialized type of training. For more information or to set up an appointment to have your dog assessed TEXT or CALL 289-687-0505.