Dumb Dog Owners


It has recently come to my attention that many dog owners are giving their dogs chicken with hot sauce on it , this is a current trend on TikTok. This is not good for dogs! I can’t believe how dumb and cruel some dog owners are ! Other DUMB things that many dog owners are doing include allowing their dog on their lap while driving in a car , not a good idea ! How about the dog owners that let their dogs run loose off leash to run up to your dogs while your dogs are leashed , absolutely clueless ! We can’t forget about the dog owners that like to tie their dogs up with training collars on & leave the dogs in the crate with their training collars on as well.So many dogs owners are still willing to roll the dice and visit a dog park with their dog , there are just way too many variables at the dog park so why gamble on your dogs physical and psychological well-being. Many dog owners enjoy carrying their toy breeds of dogs around in their arms as if their dog were a little bunny rabbit.Have you noticed how much dog poop there is on sidewalks , parks and outdoor areas , I think it’s one of the most disgusting things you can do as a dog owner to not pick up after your dog.An increasing amount of dog owners are purchasing harnesses for their large muscle breed dogs so that these dogs can tow them around on the walk , makes no sense.I could go on and on with this article but I’ve got to scoot now as I have to take my dog for a walk on leash and I will bring my poop bag with me. ~ Dave McMahon.


  1. Very good ideas to vent. I wonder why cities don’t put out more garbage cans. Would be easier to plan where to deposit poop bags. Also all the other small pieces of garbage ie. Timmy cups, wrappers, cigarette butts. Without receptacles people just dump their garbage. (not me)

  2. I don’t know about that, you don’t know why someone is carrying their dog. And if you don’t want to take your dogs to socialize at the park that is your decision. Reading your opinions are very unsettling and unprofessional. You seem like you are trying to be the ‘alpha male’, only you are right, right?

  3. I I think there’s lots of great reasons why people might carry their little dog , if the snow is too deep for them to walk in , if the little dog is too tired , are haps a little dog is injured in that case it’s best to pick them up. However far too often people carry the little dogs around in their arms and this over coddling can lead to an under socialized dog and a dog that won’t want to walk on a leash.

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