Problem Dog ? No Problem !


We can teach YOU how to resolve any problem that you’re having with your dog ! We can help you with any of the following problems: dog aggression , people aggression , shyness , anxiety , fear , phobias , reactive on a leash toward cars , joggers bicycles , skateboards , people walking by & oncoming coming dogs ect. We can teach YOU how to housebreak your dog and teach YOU how to resolve other behaviour problems such as biting , mouthing , nipping , chewing , digging , barking and destructive behaviour. We can help you with your under socialized dog , we can teach YOU how to build confidence in your dog. We can teach YOU how to work with your High Energy hyper dog. Contact us through our web site :


  1. I need help with my 9 month old puppy gets too excited when new dogs are approaching not aggressive just wants to play with every dog he meets.Jumps and squeals the other dogs don’t like it. Do you have a training Program for this

  2. Feel free to call the dog academy at 289-687-0505 and we will provide you with information on how we can help you.

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