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  • When I was 9 yrs old dog training was my hobby.

    I always had dogs growing up as a child , I started training my own dog at the age of 9 at a local dog school close to my home. My mother would drive me to my dog obedience classes & I immediately became so incredibly interested in the entire experience of learning how to […]

  • Board & Train Programs

    We offer board & train programs for puppies & adult dogs. We specialize in obedience training for the family dog and behaviour modification & problem solving.We offer basic through advanced obedience training.We offer 1 to 4 week board and train programs in a home environment.We send you video clips on a daily basis showing your […]


    We offer private lessons in specialized scent detection training for dogs at our academy. We train dogs to detect a variety of different substances and odours. Although every dog has an ability to use their nose to a certain degree there are specific qualities that we are looking for in a dog such as a […]

  • So YOU want to TRAIN your Dog.

    I’ve been teaching people how to train their dogs for 35 years. It has been very rewarding for me to watch my students progress with their dogs.I’m getting so many students return years later with their second , third and fourth dog and I’m delighted to see second and third generation families return to me […]

  • Dumb Dog Owners

    It has recently come to my attention that many dog owners are giving their dogs chicken with hot sauce on it , this is a current trend on TikTok. This is not good for dogs! I can’t believe how dumb and cruel some dog owners are ! Other DUMB things that many dog owners are […]

  • Problem Dog ? No Problem !

    We can teach YOU how to resolve any problem that you’re having with your dog ! We can help you with any of the following problems: dog aggression , people aggression , shyness , anxiety , fear , phobias , reactive on a leash toward cars , joggers bicycles , skateboards , people walking by […]

  • SMALL Dogs Need Obedience Training As Well !

    I own a Chihuahua named Hannah Banana and I can assure you that little dogs need obedience training just as much as bigger dogs.So very often I have witnessed many dog owners pick up their SMALL DOGS and carry them around everywhere , I believe this is wrong , you should let the little dogs […]

  • Board & Train Programs

    We offer 3 & 4 week intensive board and train programs.This means that YOU send your dog to US for training and we teach all of the important obedience commands and good manners and we also resolve the behaviour problems that you’re having with your dog.We send you daily video clips showing your dogs progression […]

  • Best time to start a puppy in training classes.

    The best time to start a puppy in training classes is any where from 12 to 16 weeks of age.All of the obedience training is done on the leash to build a solid foundation.We teach all of the important obedience commands and we also teach YOU how to resolve any specific behaviour problems you’re having […]

  • A Great article about the importance of environmental socialization for dogs

    A dog day afternoon at Niagara Helicopters A Niagara Falls dog trainer is taking advantage of the city’s unique landscape to offer the ultimate test in exposure training for his four-legged students. Click on the link to read the article. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9582417-a-dog-day-afternoon-at-niagara-helicopters/?fbclid=iwar2psqpuex4ixldtgpmh8viaquolve5a6dvj0jegl1lteiuinbpuc1xgng8#.XXHJsnSL26k.facebook

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