College and Organizational Work

Niagara College

Dave founded the Pet Care Worker Program (certificate course). Dave presents seminars on pet grooming, dog bite prevention, therapy dog visitation, and the very popular seminar “Solving Canine Behaviour Problems”. Dave received the teaching excellence award from Niagara College in 1997. He has been teaching at Niagara College since 1990.

Other Organizations Dave has worked with

Port Colborne Community Living Organization

REHABILITATOR Dave rehabilitates hundreds of dogs every year.

Dave is recommended by Vets, breeders, rescue groups and thousands of his satisfied clients from around the world!

The Youth at R.A.F.T Resource Association For Teens

Dave has worked with the Youth at R.A.F.T Resource Association For Teens in St. Catharines. Dave is teaching the Youth about the responsibility of dog ownership including the physical & emotional needs of the canine, as well as the importance of proper humane obedience training to ensure that dogs will live a Healthy, Happy & Safe Life!  The Youth are integrated into the grooming & training of the dogs, this tactile involvement with the dogs builds self-confidence and knowledge in the youth.