Year Memberships

Persecutes that you and your dog completes our 10 week group novice class and pass the test. 

Includes Intermediate & Advanced Off Leash Training.

Attend classes MULTIPLE times per week.

More training is BETTER for your dog!

Intermediate Level: Consists of; Distraction proofing the dogs on all obedience commands. Hand signals such as sit, stand, down, come are taught. Sit & down stay with the handler out of sight, drop on recall, the “go out” exercise, food refusal, distance control with introduction to off leash training.

Advanced Level: Off Lead heeling, distraction proofing all commands learned in earlier levels OFF LEAD. All Training Routines taught are essential for the FAMILY DOG to live a Happy Healthy & Safe life.

Class Days & Times For 1 Year Membership

Tues & Wed @ 6:00pm, Thurs @ 6:00pm & 7:00pm ALSO Sat at 10:30 am.

Cost: $1,200 for 1 year membership, Intermediate and Off leash advanced obedience training.


Successful completion of the Novice training course and pass the test.

Please call or Text or email to determine suitability.

Cost:  Please contact Dave