Best time to start a puppy in training classes.


The best time to start a puppy in training classes is any where from 12 to 16 weeks of age.All of the obedience training is done on the leash to build a solid foundation.We teach all of the important obedience commands and we also teach YOU how to resolve any specific behaviour problems you’re having with your puppy.Although there are tons of distractions in a group class your puppy will soon learn to respond to your commands and disregard the surrounding temptations.In order to get results you have to practice the obedience training with your puppy or dog every day.You will get out of the training what you put into it.I encourage that you practice your dogs training in a variety of different environments each day so that your puppy will become well socialized and learn to listen everywhere.Make training Fun ! your K9 Sensei ~ Dave McMahon


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