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Problem Dog ? No Problem !


We can teach YOU how to resolve any problem that you’re having with your dog ! We can help you with any of the following problems: dog aggression , people aggression , shyness , anxiety , fear , phobias , reactive on a leash toward cars , joggers bicycles , skateboards , people walking by & oncoming coming dogs ect. We can teach YOU how to housebreak your dog and teach YOU how to resolve other behaviour problems such as biting , mouthing , nipping , chewing , digging , barking and destructive behaviour. We can help you with your under socialized dog , we can teach YOU how to build confidence in your dog. We can teach YOU how to work with your High Energy hyper dog. Contact us through our web site : www.davemcmahon.ca

SMALL Dogs Need Obedience Training As Well !


I own a Chihuahua named Hannah Banana and I can assure you that little dogs need obedience training just as much as bigger dogs.So very often I have witnessed many dog owners pick up their SMALL DOGS and carry them around everywhere , I believe this is wrong , you should let the little dogs walk on their feet as Little dogs need exercise & proper socialization to different environments just like all sizes of dogs.The practice of carrying your little dog around in your arms means that this can result in a dog that doesn’t want to walk on a leash because he would be prefer to be picked up rather than walk;k on his feet while on a leash.Now there’s nothing wrong with picking up your little dog from time to time and you might even have to pick up the little rascal if the snow is too deep for him to walk in. Your goal should be for your little dog to be walking on the leash as often as possible.I can’t tell you how many times I have seen dog owners pick up their little dogs when they bark or growl at other dogs or strangers. Picking up a little dog when they bark or growl at dogs or people is not an effective solution for barking or growling.In our group obedience classes we teach proper effective humane solutions for when SMALL DOGS bark at dogs or people. It’s important to remember that little dogs need to learn proper manners and essential obedience commands just as much as larger dogs do.So many people that own little dogs think that their dog doesn’t need training , SMALL DOGS need to be trained to come when called on the first command as this will save their life and prevent them from being hit by a car.In our all – breed dog obedience classes the SMALL DOG enrolment has always been quite SMALL , the vast majority of dogs that attend our classes are medium to large size dogs.Many moons ago I put on a 10 week dog obedience course for SMALL DOGS , I learned that this was not ideal because in the real world SMALL DOGS are going to encounter medium to large size dogs on the street & at the veterinarians office and dog groomers and they need to know how to behave properly around dogs of the same SIZE and DOGS that are bigger than them.The way we are doing things these days at our dog academy is truly the best way , all breed dog obedience classes consisting of different size dogs and different breeds of dogs.SMALL DOGS need to learn to stand stay for nail trimming and brushing & bathing just as much as the medium to large size dogs need to know this.EVERYTHING we teach in our 10 week novice dog obedience course is useful and practical for SMALL DOGS. I’ve only mentioned a few things in this article that SMALL DOGS can learn by attending our obedience classes , it’s important to remember that your dog is not to SMALL to learn all of the curriculum that we have in our group obedience course at Dave McMahon’s Dog Training Academy. ~ Dave McMahon Web Site : www.davemcmahon.ca

Board & Train Programs


We offer 3 & 4 week intensive board and train programs.This means that YOU send your dog to US for training and we teach all of the important obedience commands and good manners and we also resolve the behaviour problems that you’re having with your dog.We send you daily video clips showing your dogs progression in their training.We provide your dog with plenty of exercise & training , play time & socialization to different environments , we also integrate your dog into our group obedience classes.If you’re interested in the board and train programs that we offer the first step is that you set up an appointment so that we can evaluate your dog at the academy & discuss what it is that you would like us to work on with your dog.After we evaluate your dog & and hear what it is that you want us to work on we can then give you a quote for the training.We can also let you know if the 3 or 4 week program would be best for your dog.YOU won’t be exempt from training your dog because upon completion of the board and train program we then need to train YOU and your DOG together as a TEAM.It’s important that your dog respond to your commands and that you develop a stronger bond with your dog through training.If you have any questions about the board and train programs that we offer or you want to set up an appointment for a Meet & Greet CALL OR TEXT. 289 687 0505.

Best time to start a puppy in training classes.


The best time to start a puppy in training classes is any where from 12 to 16 weeks of age.All of the obedience training is done on the leash to build a solid foundation.We teach all of the important obedience commands and we also teach YOU how to resolve any specific behaviour problems you’re having with your puppy.Although there are tons of distractions in a group class your puppy will soon learn to respond to your commands and disregard the surrounding temptations.In order to get results you have to practice the obedience training with your puppy or dog every day.You will get out of the training what you put into it.I encourage that you practice your dogs training in a variety of different environments each day so that your puppy will become well socialized and learn to listen everywhere.Make training Fun ! your K9 Sensei ~ Dave McMahon

A Great article about the importance of environmental socialization for dogs


A dog day afternoon at Niagara Helicopters

A Niagara Falls dog trainer is taking advantage of the city’s unique landscape to offer the ultimate test in exposure training for his four-legged students.

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